march 2013

- i’m unable to continue calendars for now carpe diem, everyone.

february 2013


time goes so quickly – enjoy every minute ♥   download the 1024×768 resolution download the 1440×900 resolution for more choices : are there any other resolutions you’d like? leave me a message :D  

happy new year!! 2013

click here to d/l FB cover

prost neujahr, bonne année, buon anno! may you have a happy and healthy year! 1024×768 resolution 1440×900 resolution

december 2012


let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ! i think it’s going to be 14C here this week, though – ha ha 1024×768 resolution 1440×900 resolution

november 2012


never forget… click to d/l 1024×768 resolution click to d/l 1440×900 resolution click to d/l 1024×768 resolution click to d/l 1440×900 resolution

october 2012


by the time oct. 1st is here, i’ll be in some far off land ;) i’ll be travelling for a month…see you soon! click here to d/l 1024×768 resolution click here to d/l 1440×900 resolution

september 2012


it’s back to school! i will be teaching at the college i recently graduated from! i’m so nervous and excited :D – i still want to spruce up this site, now i have to find the time ;) download 1024×768 download 1440×900 download iPad version

august 2012


i have my own domain now!! thanks to ippnorth for helping me for the last 10 years… well…i think i have this all working now ;) i took over this domain name now…so a few old things are missing… but…que sera sera enjoy these dog days of summer! 1024×768 resolution 1440×900 resolution iPad   1024×768 [...]